Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference Middle East – A business event serving recyclers in the Middle East.

The leading international publisher Recycling Today and Waste & Recycling Middle East have partnered to develop a business conference dedicated to the recycling of paper and plastics generated from industrial and consumer sources. The event is designed for private recyclers, public waste management officials, private waste management firms, merchants and brokers, equipment suppliers and consumers of these materials.

Why Attend?


About The Recycling Today Media Group

Founded in 1963 the group publishes Recycling Today magazine, Recycling Today Global Edition magazine, the Paper Recycling Markets Directory, as well as numerous other magazines and directories for the scrap and recycling industry. As the leading media outlet serving the international recycling market we offer unique and powerful perspective on industry activities and trends.

About Waste & Recycling Middle East

Produced by Media Fusion of Dubai W&RME is a business magazine dedicated to in-depth coverage of the rapidly emerging solid waste management and recycling industry throughout the Middle East. Produced by a team of leading journalists, the magazine provides unique insights into this dynamic marketplace.